Our Church Heritage

Our Church Heritage

Theme: Our Church Heritage

The American Civil War was over (1865) and this nation of “Manifest Destiny” was again searching for the heart of its national consciousness and its place and purpose in history. Men of religious sensitivity and deep spiritual persuasion were searching for the way forward. Approximately one half-generation later (19 years plus or minus) restorationist stirrings would surface in the life of Richard G. Spurling, a licensed Baptist minister. The son of Baptist Elder Richard Spurling, he was a leading and courageous man in his community. He had tried, since 1884, to bring certain reforms to the local church of which he was a member, the Mission Baptist Church. He, together with a few others, had search the Scriptures and church history through prayerful and tearful eyes and was convinced that a new reformation was necessary. His pleadings to the local congregation rejected, R. G. Spurling felt he had to act.

When he forming “Christian Union” in Monroe County, Tennessee, August 19, 1886, he and eight persons who joined him predicated their actions on four premises:

  • The “noble and illustrious reformers” of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, who launched and inaugurated Protestantism, had “failed to reform from creeds”
  • They adopted the law of faith when they should have adopted the law of love 
  • The failed to reserve a right of way for the leadership of the Holy Ghost and conscience 
  • They awakened to the fact that God’s church existed only where His law and government was observed by His children 

  • These belief were fiercely held and fervently taught by Spurling, the infant group struggled to survive until about 1896 when laymen of Methodist and Baptist persuasion W. F. Bryant brought a holiness message bringing revival to the area. Bryant and Spurling save their groups, and together organized the Holiness Church at Camp Creek on May 15, 1902. Under the vision and leaderships of Spurling and Bryant and some struggling, the Movement that would eventually become the Church of God, Church of God of Prophecy et al. had been born.

    The Church of God of Prophecy celebrates 111 years this month of June 2014

    Were we are now:

    • 135 nations 
    • Around 1,462.476 members 
    • 9,367 churches 
    • 1,967 missions 

    This month in COGOP Riverside were teaching on our church heritage, come and join us in this rich history of our church. The Church of God of Prophecy! AMEN!

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