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John Paton:

John Paton served as a missionary over a century ago to a cannibalistic people in the islands of the South Pacific Ocean. Those people killed and ate the missionaries who had preceded Paton, within minutes of their arrival. Paton faced enormous difficulties and sorrows. But he persevered in the name of Christ. God prepared Paton for his labors- but by earthly means it was his father in Scotland. In later years, John Paton looked back upon his father with great gratitude.

Paton’s father worked out of a shop in their house. Their family had a small room in their home which was their prayer closet. John was deeply affected by his father’s regular devotion to prayer in that room. He remembered, “Thither daily, and oftentimes a day, generally after each meal, we saw our father retire, and shut the door; and we children got to understand …that prayers were being poured out there for us, as of old by the High Priest within the veil in the Most High Place.” The Paton children could sometimes hear their father’s voice full of emotion, pleading for them before the throne of grace.John Paton

Paton also remembered of his father- “When, on his knees and all of us kneeling around him in family worship, he poured out his whole soul with tears for the conversion of the heathen world to the service of Jesus, and for every personal and domestic need, we all felt as if in the presence of the Savior, and learned to know and love Him as our Divine Friend.”

When John Paton left his home to go to Glasgow to study theology and do urban evangelism, he had to walk forty miles before coming to a train station. His father walked the first six miles out with him. They spoke about the Lord, and his father gave him counsel. Then for the last half-mile they walked in silence. His father’s lips still moved, but now in silent prayer for his son while tears streamed down his face. When they came to the place of their parting, father grasped son by the hand, and said, “God bless you, my son! Your father’s God prosper you, and keep you from all evil.” Overcome by emotion, he could say no more, but his lips continued to move in silent prayer. John Paton later wrote, while reflecting back on this experience, “I vowed deeply and oft, by the help of God, to live and act so as never to grieve or dishonor such a father and mother as God had given me, and pray for his whole family.”

“May God grant that you and I become fathers of prayer”

The question asked by King David when the army of Israel was being challenged by the Philistines and the giant Goliath in (1 Samuel 17:29), “Is there not a cause?” There is a cause to call the entire Church to a Season of Prayer and Fasting. (2 Chronicles 7:14) “If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; Then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

COGOP RIVERSIDE, we will leading a 21 Days of Prayer in the month of January, from the 5th thru 25th every day from 6pm till 7pm one hour. We will be praying for the needs of Riverside Church and our communities, let all come together and prayer. AMEN!

Do you need prayer? Place your needs below. Or just ask for prayer. We will put your name before the name of God in our prayers. Join us.